How to print Tally Reports from Tally Cloud (Video)

Tally Report

People find it fascinating when we tell them that on Sugam cloud, your Tally reports get straightway printed when you click on Print. They find it fascinating because those who have used Tally on Cloud, are pretty much aware that printing tally reports from the cloud are not that easy. Usually, on Tally Cloud, you […]

How to apply tally Setting on Tally Cloud (Video)

Tally Settings

When Tally users shift from the local environment to Cloud environment, some of the users find it a little bit challenging to operate Tally in Cloud. Not because using Tally on Cloud is difficult. They find it difficult because the Tally settings they previously had on the local environment and the immediate tally settings they […]

How to set your logo for Tally Printing on Tally Cloud (Video)

printing on tally cloud

If you have questions like “How to add a logo in Tally Cloud” or “How to print a company logo in Tally Cloud”, then you are in the right place. In this article, we will see, How we can set the Company Logo for Tally Printing on Sugam Cloud. On Sugam Cloud, we have provided […]

Configure third party tool with Tally Cloud (Video)

Third Party Tools

If you are someone who use different third party tools on the Local Tally, then this article is for you. As you know, Inorder to use Third Party Tools with Tally, we would require to make its connection with Tally’s ODBC port. And because, it needs to be connected using ODBC port, it is consider […]

User Management in Tally Cloud (Video)

Tally User Management

If you are a Multi-User License user of Tally, then this blog is relevant for you. On Sugam Tally Cloud, we have a special module named User Management from which you can create different Users for using Tally on Cloud. As mentioned before, to use this, you must have Multi-user Tally License. Taking into consideration […]

How to apply TDL file on Tally Cloud (Video)

Tally TDL

All those of you, who use different Tally Customization on their Local Tally are very much aware of TCP & TDL File. And just as you use various customization or TDL file on your Local Tally, you can use all those customization on Cloud also. On Local Tally, the process of Applying TDL is little […]

Manage, upload, download, and delete tally data on Tally Cloud (Video)

Upload Tally Data

When users shift from Local Tally to Tally Cloud, they would have to shift their Tally Data from their Local System to Cloud Server. Usually, Tally Users find it challenging to shift these data. This is because the process of shifting the data from the Local systems to Cloud servers is not only complex but […]

How to import XML files to Tally on Tally Cloud (Video)

how to import data in tally

In this article, we will see, “How to import data in Tally Cloud”. This feature of Tally cloud could be of great use for all those tally users who have customized their Local tally to import tally files. All those Tally-related files you usually import on Local tally can also be easily imported on Sugam […]

How to backup tally data to Google drive from Tally Cloud (Video)

Tally Data

On Sugam Cloud, you can take backup of your tally data in two ways. i.e. First, on your Local PC & Second, on your Google Drive. In our other blog, we have covered in detail “How to backup tally data to Local PC from Tally Cloud”. In this blog, we have specifically talked about Taking […]

How to backup tally data to Local from Tally Cloud (Video)

Tally Backup

If you have questions like, “How to take backup in Tally Cloud” & “How to restore the tally backup in Cloud”, then you are at the right place. Data is crucial for any business; you can not afford to lose your data. Losing important data can have a severe impact on your business. And hence […]