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Configure third party tool with Tally Cloud (Video)

Third Party Tools

If you are someone who use different third party tools on the Local Tally, then this article is for you.

As you know, Inorder to use Third Party Tools with Tally, we would require to make its connection with Tally’s ODBC port.

And because, it needs to be connected using ODBC port, it is consider unfavouable to use third Party tools on Tally Cloud.

However, on Sugam Cloud you can easily connect and use all the third party tools that needs to be connected via tally’s ODBC port.

No matter if the third party tool works on Local or web portal or even if it works on alltogether different server, all kinds of third party tools can be connected or integrated with Sugam Cloud.

You can even integrate your Tally with your CRM, your ERP tool as well as with your BI tools.

Watch the below video for more details,

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