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3 steps to follow for direct printing from Tally On Cloud

Just one set up & you can now print vouchers, invoices, sales order, purchase orders, etc from  Tally On cloud.

Do you want to know how?

Just scroll down & follow the below three steps : 

Step 1: QZ tray & Java Installation 

i. Sign into TOC user Panel

Your connection will show waiting status and later it will show connection status as QZ- Tray client is not installed or running, please click on the button on right to download the client & install

(Screen 1)

ii. Click on download QZ-tray client & install it. (Screen 2)

(Screen 2)

iii. In case Java is not installed, you will get Pop Up of Java is Required Download now? 

Click on Yes (Screen 3)

(Screen 3)

iv. A new window will be opened up > Scroll down & click on the latest release (Screen 4)

(Screen 4)

v. Once downloaded > Click on install Java 

vi. As soon as  Java & QZ Tray both are installed > click close

Step 2: Printer Installation

i. Click on Install printer (Screen 5)

(Screen 5)

Note: This set up is to be configured only once 

ii. Click on Connect > you will get pop up of Action Required > Tick mark the check box of Remember this Decision & click on allow (Screen 6)

 (Screen 6)

Your connection status will change to QZ- Tray connected fine. You are ready to Print (Screen 7)

Step 3: Printing

i. Select your Printer from the Current printer Drop Down (Screen 7)

(Screen 7)

ii. Open Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) & Connect your Tally now 

iii. Enter your URL and log In with the same credentials used in the user Panel (Screen 8)

(Screen 8)

iv. After opening Tally, Select the record that you want to print & give the print command 

v. Select the printer that is related to your username & press enter.

You will soon get your printed record.

Note: During the Printing process, you will get the name of the document in the Job List & as soon as your record is printed Job list will become empty.

Remember: TOC panel should always be logged In throughout the process.

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