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Download Tally invoice/reports as PDF from Tally Cloud (Video)

tally invoice

If you have questions like, “How to make pdf of invoice in Tally Cloud”, then you are at the right place.
Not every time you would want to take out a print of your Tally Reports or Tally invoice. Sometimes, having a PDF of a document is just enough.

With Sugam Tally Cloud, all those tally reports that can be printed through Printers can be easily saved as PDF.

Not just Invoices, with Sugam Cloud, you can save your Daybook, Balance Sheet, Trial balance, and everything as PDF in your Local System.

Watch the below video and see how you can download Tally reports as PDF in a few simple steps.

If you want, you can even save your Tally reports in PDF, Excel, XML, HTML, or even JPEG formats. But for that, you will have to use Export Feature.

Read our other blog on “How to export Tally Reports from Tally Cloud” to know how tally reports can be downloaded to your PC into other file formats.

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