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How to export data from Tally On Cloud to Your Local PC

Exporting files from tally seems to be a complex task for many Tally On Cloud users. Gone are times when you need to call your customer support again & again to export your data. Now you can do this in just four steps as follows :-

Step 1 Set Required Chrome Settings 

a. Open chrome browser settings  & search keyword pdf
b. Click on site settings (Screen 1)


c. Scroll down & click on additional content settings 

d. Click on pdf documents & switch on download pdf file instead of automatically opening them in chrome (Screen2)

(This action will ensure that your downloaded file will not open in the browser)


Step 2  Tally On Cloud Web Panel

a. Open Tally On Cloud Web Panel & enter your user credentials. (Screen 3)

(Screen 3)

Note: you need to be  logged in at the Tally On Cloud panel throughout this process to get your exported file

Step 3  Open Tally

a. Open RDP in order to open your remote desktop & login (Screen 4)

(Screen 4)

b. Once the Tally screen get opened up > Select Company

c. Let’s say you want to export Day Book

      Select Day Book > Click on Export > Click on no option(Screen 5)

(Screen 5)

d. Further select language default> Select the exported file format you want > On export location select & add your user name  

=> c:\export/username

e. Press ctrl+A & click on Yes 

Step 4  Get Exported File

a. Open browser that was  kept it logged in initially only (Screen 6)

(Screen 6)

b. You will directly get exported file being getting downloaded 

c. Click on open it in the show in folder and you will get all related download file here (Screen 7)

(Screen 7)

Now, you are good to access your exported files. 

Happy Tally On Cloud Using !!

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