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How to apply tally Setting on Tally Cloud (Video)

Tally Settings

When Tally users shift from the local environment to Cloud environment, some of the users find it a little bit challenging to operate Tally in Cloud.

Not because using Tally on Cloud is difficult. They find it difficult because the Tally settings they previously had on the local environment and the immediate tally settings they get on Cloud are different.

On Sugam Cloud, we have address this challenge pretty nicely. With a few clicks, you can apply all the Tally Settings that you had in Local Tally to our Sugam Tally Cloud. 

All you have to do is, find the tallycfg.tsf file in your local system and then upload that file to our Sugam Cloud using our upload interface.

Watch the video and find out “How to Apply Tally Settings (tallycfg.tsf) on Sugam Cloud”

As mentioned in the video, make sure no user is connected to your Tally Cloud, while you are applying Tally Settings.

Also, you must take a backup of your Tally Data before Applying Tally settings on Cloud.  

On Sugam Cloud, you can take backup of your tally Data in two ways, i.e. Backup on your Local PC & Backup on Cloud (Google drive)

To know, how to take backup of your Tally Data, read our other blogs, 

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