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How to backup tally data to Local from Tally Cloud (Video)

Tally Backup

If you have questions like, “How to take backup in Tally Cloud” & “How to restore the tally backup in Cloud”, then you are at the right place.

Data is crucial for any business; you can not afford to lose your data. Losing important data can have a severe impact on your business. And hence you must take timely backups of your data.

Similarly, When it comes to tally data, you must take timely backups. Generally, the process of taking Tally backup from Tally on Cloud is a tedious job.

But on Sugam Cloud, we have made it very simple for you. Not just Backup, on sugam Cloud, its super easy to restore Tally Backup.

On Sugam, you can backup your tally data in two ways. i.e. Local Backup and Cloud Backup (Backup on Google Drive).

Watch the below video and see how you can take a backup of your tally Data on your local PC using Sugam Tally Cloud.

When you take backup through the above method, the backup file will automatically start downloading on your PC, once you finish the usual process of Taking Backup on Tally. 

And just as you manage in local, on Sugam cloud also, you can take backup of a single company as well as multiple companies. Read our other blog & know “How you can take backup of your Tally Data, directly to Google Drive”.

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