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How to print Tally Reports from Tally Cloud (Video)

Tally Report

People find it fascinating when we tell them that on Sugam cloud, your Tally reports get straightway printed when you click on Print.

They find it fascinating because those who have used Tally on Cloud, are pretty much aware that printing tally reports from the cloud are not that easy.

Usually, on Tally Cloud, you will be told to perform a few steps (pre-requisites) before actually putting your report into printing.

However, on Sugam, we have made the printing process very simple. You don’t need to install & Manage the printers. Select the report you want to print, then select your printer and then fire the print command. It is that simple with Sugam.

Watch the video and see how it is done.

Sugam Tally Cloud automatically detects all the printers that are connected to your system. Also, with Sugam you can print on your Network Printers, that too from Anywhere Anytime.

Also, with Sugam Tally Cloud, you can take out prints from your label printers and Thermal Printers.

That’s all about printing in Sugam Tally Cloud,

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