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Manage, upload, download, and delete tally data on Tally Cloud (Video)

Upload Tally Data

When users shift from Local Tally to Tally Cloud, they would have to shift their Tally Data from their Local System to Cloud Server.

Usually, Tally Users find it challenging to shift these data. This is because the process of shifting the data from the Local systems to Cloud servers is not only complex but a very tedious job. 

On Sugam Cloud, we have simplified this process, so simple that with a single click of the Mouse, you can Upload Tally Data into our Cloud Server.

In the same manner, you can download the tally data from Sugam Cloud.

This is managed using the Data Management Module of Sugam Cloud.Watch this Video and know how easy it is to  Manage, Upload, Download & Delete Data on Sugam Cloud

Also, In Data Management there is another important sub-Module named Access Log, where you can see logs of “What Actions” have been taken by “which user” at “What time”. 

Now this question must have crossed your mind, would every user have the right to Upload and Download your Tally Data, can’t we restrict a few users from doing it?

Yes, you can, this is done through another module name, User Management. To know how it is done, read our other blog on “User Management in Tally Cloud”

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