Tally Cloud FAQs

Answers to all the questions that you might have before selecting Tally Cloud from Enjay.

Is cost of Tally License included in this?

  • No, Tally License is required to be brought in by you. You can use your existing Tally Licenses for this.

Can I store my other files on this?

  • No. This is a dedicated Tally Cloud Solutions. You can run only and only Tally Products from this. Eg: Tally ERP 9, Tally Server 9.

Will my printers and barcode scanners work with this?

  • 100% printers in market are supported.
  • Barcode Scanners are not directly.

Is This approved by Tally Solutions (Developers of Tally)?

  • Yes. Tally on Cloud, as a solution is tested and approved by Tally Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Technical Team.

In a large number of user network, can I restrict a set of users to access only a certain set of companies?

  • Yes. With help of Tally on Cloud – Group Management Addon, you can certainly achieve this.

How secure is my Tally Data?

  • Your Tally Data is secure from your users. Tally users do not have direct access to Tally Data.
  • Your Tally Data is secure from Tally on Cloud Team. We do not access your Tally Data without your consent. We sign an NDA with our customers.
  • Your Tally Data is secure from outside world. Hackers, Viruses and Ransomware attacks are intelligently prohibited due to Linux environment.

Can I run Tally Server 9 (TS9) from Tally Cloud?

  • Yes TS9 is also compatible with Enjay’s Tally Cloud. However there is special pricing for the same.

How much storage or computing Capacity do I get?

  • Unlimited storage space comes with Enjay’s Tally Cloud offering. Even CPU/RAM resources are proficiently managed by Tally on Cloud.

Can I backup or copy my data to my Local PC?

  • Yes. Tally on Cloud provides a Web Panel to configure your Local Backup devices, enabling automated scheduled backup every day.

Can I use Single User Tally License for Multiple User Access?

  • No. but still you can access Tally on Cloud, with single user, from different locations, at different times.

Can I restrict access of Tally on Cloud to certain Locations only.

  • Yes. With help of Tally on Cloud IP restrict addon, you can restrict access to allowed IPs only.

Which Microsoft Licenses are required?

  • No additional Microsoft Licenses are required for accessing Tally on Cloud. Tally on Cloud Remote Desktop Access is served by a Linux based service.

Does Tally on Cloud support TDL Tally customisation?

  • Yes. All TDL customisation can be easily applied to Tally on Cloud. Only in case of TDLs that ask for integration of some other Windows based applications are subject to testing with Tally on Cloud Development team.

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