Tally Cloud Addons and extensions

Add-ons that make your Cloud Experience more secure, more useful and more effective. Different Tally Work environments may need different Addons for adding more value to usage of Tally on Cloud.



This Add-on will help you to create groups where users in a particular group will be able to access only Tally companies allowed in their groups.


This Add-on will help you to know whenever a user login to Tally on Cloud. This will also help you to logout unwanted user login.


This Add-on will help you to set restrictions in such a way that users from specific location only will be able to access Tally on Cloud.

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Advance Window Management

This Add-on will help you to configure number of Tally Windows that will be provided to your users while they are accessing Tally on Cloud.


This Add-on is to make sure that your Data Backup happens everyday to your desired location, local computer or google storage. Configure your backup time and location at your will and then just forget it. Your backups can then be easily restored as and when required by you.